Invisible Braces & Invisalign

Crooked teeth or badly aligned teeth can now be fixed without months of showcasing unsightly metallic braces using the advanced invisible braces technology. Invisible Braces (Invisalign) could be the exact solution you are looking for. You need to forget everything you’ve heard regarding teeth alignment process as this proven technology lets you straighten your teeth without anyone even noticing that you are taking the treatment!

At Dentist & Dontist, the invisible braces are sourced directly from the world’s leading manufacturer, Invisalign. So, you get the lowest possible price for your aligners treatment. Unlike other dental clinics who source the aligners from third party distributors, you do not need to worry about the pricing. Also, since the invisible braces are sourced directly from the manufacturer, the quality of the braces is guaranteed and is the best available in India.

Invisible Braces Cost

Are Invisible Braces Right For Me?

Because the invisible braces are custom-built for a tight fit, they are best for adults or teens. Straightening a child’s teeth is more complicated. Young people, and their mouths, are still growing and developing.

Invisible braces are typically used for patients who have mild or moderately crowded teeth, or have minor spacing issues. Patients who have severe crowding or spacing problems – or severe underbites, overbites, or crossbites – may need more complex treatment.

How Do Invisible Braces Work?

Once we decide how to correct your bite, we’ll make a plan for moving your teeth. If you get invisible braces, you’ll be fitted for several versions that make slight adjustments to move your teeth over the treatment time.

Invisible braces are made from a clear plastic or acrylic material and fit tightly over the teeth, but can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. You’ll get a new aligner every few weeks to continue moving the teeth into the desired position.

What Is The Effectiveness Of Invisible Braces?

Treatment time with invisible braces is based on how much the teeth need to be moved or rotated. The more your bite is off or the more crooked your teeth, the longer it will take. Treatment usually takes between 10 and 24 months. But if you’re an adult who had braces as a child, and your teeth shifted slightly over the years, you may need invisible braces for as little as 10 weeks.